John A. Logan Camp #26!

Camp Commander Roll

A hearty thank you goes out to the following individuals that have given so much to this camp and the order..

William Johnson

PCC William Johnson awarded 2016
Treasurer Service 10 years


Hugh DeGroff

CC Hugh DeGroff

PCC Hugh DeGroff 2016

David Johnson

PDC David Johnson

PCC David Johnson 2015

Philip Thompson

PCC Philip Thompson 2014

Steve Haight

PCC Steve Haight 2013

Steve Aarli

CC Steve Aarli

PCC Steve Aarli 2012

Paul T. Zeien Jr.

PCC Paul T Zeien Jr

PCC Paul T. Zeien Jr. 2011

Gregory Carter

PCC Gregory Carter

PCC Gregory Carter 2010

Terry Dyer

PCC, DC Terry Dyer

PDC Terry Dyer 2007-2009

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